3in Mini Vector Frame


The Mini Vector, a perfect frame for someone looking keep the weight below 250g AUW and still be able to record HD footage with no props in view.   This frame was designed based on our popular and proven full size Vector, so you know you are getting an amazing frame!

  • Comes with Full TPU Kit, color of your choice.
  • washers are used to allow a M2 screw or normal M3 with no washers.
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Small, light weight, and able to record HD footage!  That is exactly what we here at Kinetic Aerial have achieved. We have took our popular Vector frame flipped it upside down and shrank it down to 3in to get the best balance between center of gravity and weight.  We kept the ability to mount a 20×20 stack in the middle and rear so you can fit all of the popular electronics like a AIO stack and RunCam Split HD camera.

  • 20mm slammed stance
  • Front arm slicked back to keep props out of camera view
  • Top mount battery
  • Chamfered edges for that high quality look
  • Fits dual 20×20 stacks

Kit Includes

  • 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 4mm Top plates
  • 1.5mm Inter-Locking Camera Plates
  • Lipo Straps
  • 6x 6mm screws
  • 4x 8mm screws
  • 5x 20mm Standoffs
  • TPU front and rear Skid Plates
  • TPU 3mm to 2mm washers for stack options
  • TPU Arm Guards
  • TPU Lipo strape bracket
  • 1x KA Sticker


  • 49g with TPU kit
  • 43g Carbon and hardware only.
Included TPU accessories kit.
Fits HD camera Stacks (ex. RunCam Split)
No props in footage with front arms slicked back.

Additional information

TPU Color

Black, White, Gray, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink


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